Junior Watersports Club

Junior Watersports Club will recommence on Monday evenings throughout the summer in 2021. 1st club night – 28 June

Club members spend from 6.30 – 7.30 on the water. Ordinarily this is then followed by a hot shower and then the BBQ (bring your own food). However at the moment as the Covid regulations stand, the changing rooms and showers may not be available to use. We are hoping that by the end of June the rules may have relaxed a little and we can get back to normal practices and procedures, but no guarantees at this stage.

At Junior Club children aged from 7 – 12 get the chance to use ‘sit on top’ canoes and kayaks, the “giant paddle board” and to ride in the safety boat. We find that apart from being great fun, junior club sessions also enhance/develop water confidence in every club member.


Club membership is £20.00 and weekly subs are £12.00 (only pay for the weeks you attend).

On Saturday mornings we run special club members only  stand up paddle boarding tuition sessions from 11.00 – 12.30.  We take a maximum of 8 members per session at a nominal cost of only £12.00. These are structured tuition sessions and not the same format as the mayhem that ensues on a club night!

There are numerous additional benefits available to our Junior Club Members. For more information please click here..

We will again be running a Junior Club member of the year award with the chance to win a new wetsuit. This is awarded at the end of the season to the club member who has attended the most club nights.  In the event of a tie it will be awarded to the club member who is judged to have been the best behaved both on and off the water throughout the season.

We take a maximum of 40 Junior Club Members. For the last few years we have been oversubscribed. Therefore in order to avoid disappointment please book your place as early as possible. You can do this at the lake, or by telephone, or by downloading the application form. Your place will be confirmed once your membership fee has been received.

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