SUP (stand up paddle boarding)


Stand Up Paddle Boarding, (SUP), is the new water-sport that is exploding into popularity. Essentially it is standing on a giant surfboard and propelling yourself along with a single ended paddle.

SUP, is a water-sport that can be enjoyed by everyone, anywhere there is water. It can be a serene and peaceful form of gentle exercise or exciting and physically demanding, however you do it, it is great for your body.

However, like with most new sports its always a good idea to learn the basics first on flat water. We beleive that we probabaly have the best venue in the South West for teaching you the basics of this exciting new sport. Why?

*Calm flat water pretty much unaffected by any weather conditions
*Quality modern equipment including wetsuits and buoyancy aids
*Enthusiastic experienced watersports instructors
*No tides, no currents, no waves, no swell to contend with. Easy!
* Modern centrally heated changing rooms with hot showers.
*And after your lesson we will invariably make you a cup of tea or coffee (time permitting)

Try one of our popular two hour taster sessions during which we will teach you about foot position, stance, launching and landing, various useful paddle strokes. (Available from age 10 upwards). Once you have completed your lesson you will be able to come back and hire a board to practice your newly aquired skills or book in for some more tuition if required.

If are already involved in watersports SUPing is a great addition for you. Windsurfers? Dinghy sailors? Kite surfers? No wind? No more sitting on the beach waiting and moaning, take out your SUP.  Easily transportable, no faffing, just carry to the water and off you go.

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