windsurf-imageWindsurfing is a great sport which is relatively easy to learn if taught in the correct way at the correct venue. Decoy Lake is an ideal venue to learn to windsurf. It is a twelve acre freshwater lake set in beautiful country park surroundings. As a relatively small and sheltered venue, the water is always flat, resulting in a far more beginner friendly environment than the sea or an estuary. This all results in the learning experience being so much easier, more enjoyable and safer than learning on open tidal water.

Sadly, after 24 years as an RYA Recognised Centre we have recently taken the decision to no longer continue down this route. There has been a marked decline in interest in windsurfing over the past few years and we can no longer justify the expense of running as an RYA recognised teaching establishment. That said, we will continue to teach in exactly the same way, with exactly the same equipment, with the same exacting standards, the only difference being we will no longer be in a position to offer RYA courses and qualifications.


Beginners’ Taster Session

This is a three hour lesson during which you will learn all of the basics. You will start off on our land based simulator before going afloat. For the final hour you will normally given free sailing time to practice the new techniques you have learnt. By the end of the lesson you will be able to sail and steer your board.

Improvers/Refresher Session

This is a three hour session in which we take you a little further than the basics. By the end of this session you will be able to tack and gybe and sail your board wherever you choose on the lake. Also a great session for those that have not sailed in a while and just need useful pointers to help refresh their memory and/or restore confidence.


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